Sunday Teams

City Kids

We help kids know they belong through friendships, fun, and gospel stories. City Kids offers a safe, fun environment every week for your City Kid, infants through elementary. They will enjoy music, small groups, games, and Bible stories. Every kid belongs at City Kids!


We love multi-generational and multi-cultural worship. This is expressed on our stage, through our songs, and in our teaching. City Lights strives to create a worship experience for anyone seeking God, for new believers to grow, and for mature disciples to connect. Our worship is engaging, meaningful, and challenging.


Not everybody likes being up front, but all people have a place to serve. Production provides a chance to use skills and talents in video, screens, sound, social media, and lights. All of these areas enhance the communication of the gospel in our worship center and in our community.


We focus on helping everyone who comes to City Lights to know they belong at our tables and in our community. Connections seek to personally connect with each person at City Lights, whether new or returning, and then connect them with others. At City Lights, we are all about building a community where people can move from friends to family.